Worm Farming for Beginners.

Worm farming is a great activity. To help you in the process, here are a few great tips.

Feeding your worms the right food is important otherwise they will not be in a position to grow or even multiply. To do that, make certain you feed these little creatures the likes of coffee grounds, grass clippings, manure, rabbit pellets, vacuum dust and vegetable matter. Never make the mistake of feeding them dairy products, meats and particular vegetables like onion as this could kill them.

Some individuals can be thinking about how much food should be provided to worms. While a few say do this through experimenting, the best method is to gauge the size of the worms since the majority worms are in a position to eat half their body weight that is approximately about 250 grams.

When you give your worms food, make certain that this is always fresh and kept at a temperature of about 24 degrees Celsius. If you prefer to improve their appetite, give them some worm fattener. To make this, mix some pet pellets, wheat flour, rice bran, lime and some milk. Be certain that it is dry and moist before putting it in the container.

The more worms eat, the more fertilizer they are able to produce. Except for providing them with food, do not forget to give them some water as well since what they produce is 80% water. Water should be provided in small amounts otherwise they might drown. This should also be poured every couple of weeks.

If ever the worms cease eating, see what could be the problem. It is feasible that the worms are unable to reach it so you need to make some changes. If this is not the problem, stop feeding them for a week so they will consume the old one.

The worm population will reproduce in 2 to 3 months. If you are scared that they will overpopulate try transferring some to a new container. Another alternative is to put a a couple of them in your garden but this will only work if there is a thick layer of mulch.

Worms may be grown all year round and under any weather. If you are planning to raise a worm farm outdoors, be sure to monitor them.

If it rains, the worms will move up to higher levels but since this is not sufficient, you better transfer the container under the shade. If the conditions are hot outside, you better does something identical since they can just survive between 10 to 30 degrees Celsius.

Fort people who live in cold climates, you better cover the container with an old blanket or carpet. You should also improve their food as this will give them warmth when they decompose.

Ants may compete with the food that is meant to be consumed by the worms. To prevent this from happening, add water to raise the moisture levels and add some garden lime. Another technique is to rub Vaseline on the legs of the container as this will steer clear of the ants from reaching their home.

You will have a good time worm farming as long as you follow these tips. If you want answering more, read up on it or ask individuals who have been doing this longer than you for some advice.

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