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Welcome to the CDI Community

The interactive Contact Dermatitis Institute community was created for healthcare professionals to share ideas, cases, tips and techniques with their peers. Whether you are currently patch testing or interested in starting your own clinic, the community is a single location to come together and share ideas.

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Aside from being 100% cost-free to join, as a member, you will have access to a number of resources that can directly optimize your patch test practice including:

Enroll in learning modules which cover everything from Contact Dermatitis 101 to How to Set Up a Patch Test Clinic. Utilize these modules to train your clinic staff and educate yourself on all things contact dermatitis and patch testing.

Participate in a community where you can ask questions and begin discussions with other health care professionals who deal with patch testing every day.

Access a steady stream of articles, videos, and information for you to share with and provide to your patients.

Browse a library of the most common allergens; which contains information about where allergens are found, how to avoid them, and products which contain the allergen.