Contact Dermatitis Success Stories

Hands in Marriage

Recently a 27 year old surgical resident visited the Contact Dermatitis Institute℠ looking to receive a diagnosis for her severe dermatitis. For 5 months she had experienced dermatitis on both her hands and her arms. As a neurosurgeon, her persistent dermatitis caused her serious concern about her ability to function during long operations. She suspected her gloves may be the cause of her allergy, but upon switching gloves, her condition did not improve.

Her wedding was only 5 weeks away when she came to see us at the Contact Dermatitis Institute. Having selected a strapless gown, she also purchased elbow-length gloves to wear on the day of her wedding to cover her dermatitis.

Dr. Hamann and the team patch tested her to determine the cause. Through her testing, he was able to discover the substances she was allergic to and recommend a treatment/avoidance plan to help resolve her allergies.

Her arms and hands cleared in time for her wedding day and she is now fully confident about being able to pursue her career as a surgeon.

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