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With the help of good friends I got all of the chicken manure and hay out of the winter chicken home in the greenhouse. It ended up being more material than I expected which is great because I will have a lot of compost.

We scooped it out, mixed it with some already finished compost and brewer’s grains and then wet it down because it was really dry. Now to see what happens over the next couple of weeks.

The other thing I talk about in today’s video is that we have been increasingly project based on farm. That is different than normally trying to balance several projects at once. We have been going around the farm tackling one project at a time and all but neglecting the other stuff (within reason) until that one project is done. That has increased out efficiency and it has been really rewarding seeing a task done at the end of the day.

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Anna and Barbie try out the new .. Worms in Dirt Dessert!

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Here’s a quick method for gathering worm bait for fishing in Terraria!

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Bryce shares his experience from his first try farming worms for compost and worm tea, using a Worm Chalet.

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Worm farming guide on maintaining your Worms R Us, Can O Worms farm.

Silk Worm Farm. If you have ever wondered how silk is made, this film shows the making of silk at a Silk Farm. This silk farm was at Lullingstone Castle, owned by the Hart-Dyke family (Tom Hart-Dyke’s grandmother) and its silk was used for Queen Elizabeth’s II wedding dress. Filmed in 1966.

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