The Perfect Compost Recipe – How to Get Your Compost Heap Cooking!

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Compost is the very best food you can give to the plants in your garden. However, making really great compost requires the right mix of ingredients. In this video we demonstrate how to create that perfect recipe from the ingredients you have at home. You’ll see the compost mix being created, find out what materials to avoid, trace how the compost heap progresses as it ‘cooks’ and discover how to fix common problems.

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yusufp says:

I have a lot of conifer clippings which have turned brown and are really dry. They've been on the ground for over a year. Are these okay for the compost heap?

Cynthia Osega says:

thats rich soyol

cindy s says:

i have this compost made in the ratio of 3 parts brown and 1 part nitrogen. it has been decomposing for the past 2 months even though the temp here is really warm. it looks dark brown, has an earthy smell but is not decomposing quickly. i have not added any activator. just vegetable peels and extremely dry leaves. i can't recognize any nitrogen part but browns are still visible. does it really take this long? or did I do something wrong? pls advise. thanks

Lise-Lotte Just, Næsby Skole says:

all I need to know, thank you. You have a very nice voice!

Joe Fernando says:

Your compost process is so awesome. I built my first compost bin (a wooden box) and started composting 2 weeks back. Nothing has composted so far. I turn the pile every 2-3 days. Since I do not have professional shredders (they are costly), my compost ingredients like straw and hay are not finely shredded. I did try to break the straw (from an old shrub that needed trimming) as much as I can. I put kitchen scraps in the compost too. Today, I put newspapers clippings (that I shred manually) in it. The ingredients in my compost bin are currently 2'(Height)x4'(length)x2'(width). The actual compost bin is bigger than these dimensions. It is little difficult for me to turn up this compost bin ingredients by pitchfork very thoroughly. The compost is fairly moist, I water it slightly every week. As activator, I dug up my garden soil and put a layer of it in the bin (it had worms). I am not sure where I doing wrong. I don't want to make composting an expensive thing with all kinds of shredders etc.

Robert Readshaw says:

I know cardboard is on the list of browns, but what about shredded paper? would that be ok to compost as a brown?

Aggie May says:

I need more browns! just turned my bins and found a lot of slime however, the stuff at the bottom was proper!

Winter Clark says:

Would just like to give some appreciation to this channel for answering questions years after this video was posted.

John Gerstmann says:

Perfect, except C and N are turned around at minute 0:50 and following. Simple but eloquent and sure fire, congratulations

TokiWartooth6666 says:

is ash considered brown?

Doyle Piper says:

I'm a beginner and this may sound u add the worms in yourself?

drew nicholson says:

great video!

Tony Hodgkinson says:

how long does the process take from start to finish?

Otella Hobson says:

thank you .I enjoy watching

Marisella DavisEsparza says:

okay I have a question about the fruit peels waste what if it grew mold on it is that a bad idea throwing it into your compost pile?

SakuraiKunLikes says:

Nah, I just use all grass clippings for my compost since I don't a big garden and it have been doing great throughout the years :)

Anthony Berke says:

Is using dead fallen leaves adding brown material?

Captain Ron says:

I'm wondering if it makes sense to use a small rototiller to mix the compost for aeration. And thanks for the video.

Richard Hoyle says:

Very helpful. Thankyou

Liju Sam says:

I started composting about 2 months ago with the aerobin 200. But I have problems with small flies in the bin. I have tried covering it with brown material like dry leaves and newspaper. I have also tried adding boiling water into the bin as I have read that this is also supposed to kill off the flies and its eggs. But I have not had any success with it. Could you give me some advice on how to get rid of these flies?

Melissa Vandridge (Vandicrafts) says:

Very informative thank you!

Miguel Jr says:

thank you for the info! this will help me!

s kontani says:

I'm from Tokyo, being staied at my wife's house for 5 years. During stay in Chester, I used unsed septick tank, 1.6 X 1.6 with 2 M deep made by bricks in a front garden. I used a shureder for all of materials, and grasscutting was very useful for making heat with 6X. With in 4 month, the all materials were decomposed, and digging up them from compost area(about 2.5 tonnes). I made 10 tonnes compost a year for 5 years at Chester. the garden was 100M X 50M size with woodland area, and 2 large pond as well. It was big changed all our flower-bed and all trees in woodland as well, but 50 tonnes compost was not enough for comver the a large garden, then we moved in London with a small garden facing North side 24 years ago.I still make small amount of home made compost without using 6X, but it might 4-500kg a year..You can see my small garden in Youtube " s small English garden in London II "and I studies a basic Japanese garden technic in our small garden, looks a bigger.

frank & bianca says:

can I freeze my food scraps?

KevAndCheryl Acton says:

Great instructional vid – Thanks!  We've subscribed to get more useful tips.

JDGamingPR says:

Thank you so much. Now, to work on my compost. :)

salma Jamshi says:

thanks sir

Mark Stopani says:

Great video, I have had a lot of luck using an old trampoline mat because of the holes and strength, works perfect for drainage while allowing moisture and sun to enter.

salma Jamshi says:

sir,can I put lemon&garlic

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