How TO – Worm Farm

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This was a super fun episode to film and I think just proves how weird I really am. Worms are doing well. Have worked their way through 3 trays since I filmed this and providing tons of great food for my tomato plants.

Special thanks to Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm where I ordered my little guys. They shipped promptly and safety and hopefully he will send me some more worms since I plugged him ;-).

Thanks for Watching “How to DO it”. This is my self written, filmed, acted in, edited…okay I do it all. I love teaching people how to do things but with a side of humor and sex appeal. If you like it pleas subscribe, leave a comment ore just like the video :-).

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o-o Fart says:

Titties sexy I'm horny now

Rebecca Morel says:

worms don't eat lemons you slut.

mick p says:

One word comes to mind & that's slut!!!

Edmund Janas says:

She's cute. But don't put lemon rinds in there. :)
This really did help me with the layers, and the order in which it's done. Been doing it wrong for a couple years cuz I'm too lazy to read the instructions. My bad.

Warren Littleboy says:

They like rotted potatoes aswell

Warren Littleboy says:

Hook worms

Robert Gartman says:

I am  a BOOB man , but today I have worms on my mind. Should I put my worm bin in complete shade or half sun and shade My worm bin is made of wood, so can I cover it with  window screen to stop them from escaping. Thanks you for the video and your help

Ibrahim Demirci says:

i looked only boobs i really didn't understand what her said

Suyanto Ng says:

I was worm farmer too, and she really got my attention. Oo?

cheruzaleming says:

you guys realize she's wearing a ton of padding right? check out her breast exam video, she even says "don't believe everything you see on the internet." so if you came here for boobs, sorry to disappoint. I, on the other hand, found this video informative. I'm starting a farm and will need worms to feed my hens and cocks. I'm sure Aniela loves big black cocks. come here, let me slap you with my BBC.

Nina Nina says:

Worms don't like citrus .

Cinehive says:

i'd like to give her a tea bag

Robert Muir says:

Nice set of hooters you got there!

slyplaymike1 says:

First time I've seen one of your videos…..your so fresh…..I love it…..was laughing so much the first time I had to watch again…. double thumbs up

txhypnotist says:

It was the breast video I've seen on youtube in a long time.

Thanks for posting, now come sit on my lap and tell me a story!

Jason Schubert says:

why is every shot of her, if with a close up on her tits ….
I'm not complaining but…

J Smith says:

I don't see anything wrong with this. She wants my attention and I like to give it to her, and in the process you learn something new. I think it works.

chop98 says:

I can see why the 550 (now 551) thumbs down. You DO NOT feed your worms citrus fruits. It will kill them. There's a chemical in that citrus that is poison to worms. Great boob shots and all that good stuff. Your worms will die though if you feed them citrus. They can handle very small portions of meat, but not much at all. Don't do dairy products. There ya go. Very, very little to no meat products. No dairy products. (egg shells are alright when pulverized) AND absolutely NO citrus. Good boobs. Bad information. The gene pool continues to evolve.

johnny30806 says:

Can you make a how to do it with camel toe video next time?????

shakostarsun says:

Worm tea and leachate are not the same thing, and I reas its bad to give worms citrus items. Even the process people use for worm tea confuses me because some people are using fish pumps and molasses for 2 days on castings to make tea and others are just stirring it briskly making bubbles and calling it worm tea.


big boobies

John Booker says:

I'm 12 years old and wonder if I'm the only guy who thinks this women's to old to dress like that?

Laura love says:

that's pretty dam funny

Wayne Hester says:

It's funny how women can be so nasty and hateful to other women so quickly in situations like this. Men can cheat, whistle & degrade women, and act like "whores" and that's totally fine, but let a gal just be silly and have fun and she's instantly judged and labeled. The true nastiness is in the hateful comments. If it isn't your cup of tea then just move on. You have no right to tell someone else how to live just because it isn't how you choose to live. I say screw em & keep having fun. And I'm sure some will read this and think, oh he would say that, he's a guy and you'd be correct. I am a guy, a guy who has no interest in women's anatomy btw. Yet, I still enjoyed the video.

kannan marrie says:

knowledgeable composting. tankx. u look simply pretty. keep goin.

TheDarthloki says:

0:59 great system indeed

juvylen galendez says:

i love your big worms. lol

Timothy Campbell (mediafighter) says:

disturbing introduction

Anand Nair says:

We all know why we came here

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