A Composting Method that works Super Fast!

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Otherwise known as the Berkeley Method, taught to me by Geoff Lawton, a permaculture teacher, found here: geofflawtononline.com .

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guloguloguy says:

WOW!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Apparently, Manure, and proper moisture, is the key composting ingredient!

hope crews says:

do you have any trouble with weed seeds in fresh manure?

hope crews says:

Wood chips a good thing check out back to Eden garden method! I'm in love with chips.

florie Brown says:

Hi Rick I have read every comment made on this video, I do agree your method is great. I have learned a lot from you. I also noticed the vegetation growing in your garden most of which contain useful mineral for composting. Yarrow is one it encourages decomposition, nettles however I have not notice valerian and dandy lion. Oak bark is another good addition to the compost.
I got hooked on composting about 8 years ago when a large tree was cut resulting in a very large mound of saw dust. I was advised to burn it and I refused. But Out of the blue I decided to mix it with the mown grass, I got very excited when it got very hot. This is what encouraged me in study horticulture and last year I did a PDC with Geoff lawton. I love composting. I mix leaves with grass cutting and add wood ash from my wood burning stove, coffee ground comfrey and chicken manure. My fruit trees fruit the first year in a pot using my home made compost.

Joseph Lynn says:

Can you direct me to where you got that hat? I love it.

terry brown says:

incredible talking beard.

zpoedog says:

Great looking compost! I make mine that way but I cheat. I use my tractor to turn the pile.
Nice looking garden!


Alex Clarke says:

I love these videos, your garden, that hat, and seeing a grown man giggle at dirt. Keep up the awesome work, Rick! Super inspiring.

Plain Ol' American says:

Hey Rick,thank you for sharing your experience. The proof of your success is in the beautiful garden surrounding you ! keep it up. I want that hat ! :)

Steve Brule says:

so i shouldn't poop in my tomato garden?

Simon Else says:

Permaculture is a pyramid scheme where a small group make money off of impressionable wide-eyed idealist types. I studied it for years and even did an internship with Geoff at Zaytuna farm.

Jude Irwin says:

I would have enjoyed this more if the presenter had climbed out from under his lampshade so we could see his face.

Garry Hoddinott says:

Yeaah you've gotta love compost. And your's is looking very good. Actually I'm surprised you are not giving your compost a spray of water as you turn it. I find that helps. I save urine, water it down about 1:15 and add it to the pile, I dont have animals. Its not too well known, but a few shovel fulls of earth spread thru the compost helps lots. A bit of clay in it especially so.

karunald says:

I'd use that. For 'me' – it's 'ready'. Am I wrong?

Ferhat şimşek says:

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VinleyFine says:


Krestian Kvart says:

thats amazing, i think this summer i will have to try it out! bought alot of seeds for carrots, cabbage and ssome herbs this year, ended up having to throw them away since i tried seeding them in soil that was chock full of fertilizer, needless to say it dident work. i think i have to seed in a milder soil.

slazbar says:

Thanks. Rick! Great information, great compost, great guy! Living the life with nature.

Greenhorse says:

That's great, I use my compost a lot.

Uwe Abraham says:

Enjoyed the video & info & cool hat

WombatHide says:

i love the starwars hooded affect you get from your hat , now to simply master lightning from the fingers :P

John Bladykas says:

Great Video but did anybody ever tell you it's easier to use a pitch fork

Mitch Engels says:

I love your vids! Very informative.

skkfor says:

Excellent info, my friend. You are a compost making machine! BTW, I also love the feel of compost between my toes @ 9:25. Many thanks for taking the time to make the vid and share the info.

havfaith S. says:

The plants will do just fine. If your soil was lifeless then adding wood chips might lock up nitrogen. 

UPGardenr says:

Thanks for posting

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