Composting at Home: Two Easy Methods

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Close founders show two easy how-to composting methods and discuss environmental benefits of keeping food waste out of landfills. Learn more at

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Michael Ball says:

I suffer from a sleep disorder. Please include me in your thoughts and prayers to help me get a good night sleep. Thank you.. I love making compost as you can see in the films on my channel.

Yester Day says:

woahhh i want that compositor

PASCALP25 says:

you need a home and a garden tho


that's 2 ways to do it, for sure!

Kappucino Kiss says:

is it best to gather and compost with materials over a period of time by adding and adding or to do it all at once?

Ed Allen says:

Quick question to Renee. Can you show what the compost looks like after you dig it up? Do you ever undig and turn it while it's cooking? Or is this mostly to get rid of the unwanted food instead of creating the soil. Thanks a million 

Narsing Brahanpure says:

I did at my home already its very good manure for my terrace garden plants

movmakerNeo says:

when you're composting food you still produce methane just like in a land fill, its the same process. decomposition releases gas, whether its composting in your backyard or in a landfill.

Aisha Bunny says:

thank you so much for sharing <3

C0Y0TE5 says:

You're paying extra for pretty carrots with stems attached, then cutting them off!!! Hello?  And your friend creating lots of kitchen waste weekly may be a sign that she also is throwing out too much food. But, the composting part was great.  The Earth Machine works great and can take an entire year of kitchen waste before needing emptying.  I bury the waste from fish meals when an entire fish is barbied or baked, Usually under a rose bush.  Happy Environmentalling!

bunty shah says:

If you're directly putting in back yard or in garden after digging whole. How much time it takes to become compost… can we plant over top only or need to wait till become compost…

Gardening Tips With Phil says:

Some great tips here on this video, thanks foe the tips.

Wise Student says:

Making compost is the easy part;

Wise Student says:

The only thing I have for compost is grass clippings.  I go to the cemetery where there are trees for the leaves in the fall.  TV dinners dont provide much kitchen scraps !!

maxdecphoenix says:

Couple things… First being, 50/50 mix I really doubt is a decent mix. needs be more like 20-25/75~ mix to dilute the nitrogen content. I imagine that compost is far too rich and most likely lowering soil ph. Unless you are prepping compost for specialized uses, you should strive to achieve neutral compost.

Next, a compost bin is not a nuclear fission engine, so methane happens. Whether in a land fill or not it's a byproduct of longer chain bonds being broken for energy.

Third, if you're going to add food scraps, at these quantities, just take the second to blend them. The microbes will be able to process it more readily. it mixes easier, allows excess water to leech into the air or dryer material increasing decomp rate. 

AnneMarie Ansel says:

I always leave out my food scraps for the wildlfe in my yard. There is a creature to eat every type of scrap. From meat to seeds & veggies.

AnneMarie Ansel says:

It's great to compost for you're garden. But if you don't use the compost, then why not let the racoons or wildlfe eat it? You would just be completing a part of symbiotic living. After all by taking over the land that previously belonged to wildlife, we have also taken away their food supply!

mugs132 says:

great video on how to make compost.

yasmin sab says:

thank you! I was so confused on how to do it but its so easy!

Carolyn Kropp says:

the video gave some good tips about composting in the black bin, so thank you. We compost all of our kitchen and garden scraps….thanks!!

Drawingb says:

😮 I'd really really love that compost. So dark and rich. How long has it been composting?

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