Terraria AFK Truffle Worm Farm (1.3 Duke Fishron bosses)

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The Truffle Worm. Used when fishing in the ocean biome it can summon the powerful boss Duke Fishron! Truffle Worms are a hardmode mob that live in the underground mushroom biome. They are large worms and when the player approaches them they burrow away! They are also a rare enemy! Farming them AFK is the way to go and this easy to setup farm will have you rolling in Truffle Worms in no time! Enjoy :)

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Blake Achterberg says:

Can u do AFK the twins or the destroyer plz

Master Oscar says:

How does the blocks going on and off

NostalgiaGamer 7200 says:

Happy, great video, but this appears a bit bigger than the normal 168×94 spawn area, how large do you reccomend making it, I have shroomite dig claw, mining armor and mining potions so It would just be nice to know how large is definitely large enough for this farm to work. btw I'll take my 3 cookies :P

Bert Solid says:

Did you see the thing that you can just walk away (real life) and do something else rubber band on the mouse

Terrarian Taco says:

Can you plz show us how to build it

Ernest Alexander says:

Thank You very m7ch for this vid. I might subscribe to you if see more good vids. Great terraria content

GameDifficulty says:

Great vid most helpful vids on YouTube

450asg says:

I have tried making this farm about 5 times. Bigger, smaller.. Just can´t get it to work :( I made like a 200block wide standard farm. Just sucks sitting there for 1 hour, running around to grab like 5. Im on PC

CandyPheonixSlayer says:

Almost a year old!

Vanitas Geometry Dash/GFX says:

Nice, farm, I hope it works for me. :P

kaan55 says:

Here's a really simple thing you can do with your mouse. Unplug it from your pc (or simply turn it off if has a on/off switch) while you're holding left click and your pc will think left click is still being held down.

This also works with literally every button your pc (well keyboard and mouse) has.

Henri Ren.Vador says:

"easy" farm

Bob Lico10 says:

if you make a runway can you do it overground?

Gaming Fanboy says:

Good that it is on ios not so much digging i just dont like digging

Jesus Lizarraga says:

lol when u were trying to kill the bulb guy a truffle worm fell

Roy bgp says:

I subscribed for one reason. You suggested it. "Consider subscribing." Something I haven't heard yet. You might be unbelievably awkward and shit, your work isn't quite up to par with the rest of the community, but God damnit you are a sweetheart.

Gravity4220 says:

Cool Farm. Even better afterwards! Standing on a spike

Jabba Jane says:

lol,this is a lazier version of zerogravies's lol

Joe Murphy says:

will this work on console?

Kai Shadows says:

Hey HappyDays. To get truffleworms, do you have to be underground or will an above ground fake mushroom biome?

Nandor Lol says:

in which layer do you need to build the truffle farm?

life of the lps says:

i don,t see why people want hundreds of truffle worms you only need a few to summon and kill Duke fishron and get all his loot

Nebula Gaming says:

Would it work if you did the farm in the sky. Like above the ocean or something.

Thomas Kirkwood says:

Tip: Truffle Worms are counted as enemies, this means they are affected by battle potions.

veleCeZ says:

better than zerogravitas version-less redstonering here

Aboodi 384 says:

Can this be above surface

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