Elaine Ingham Soil Food Web Compost and Compost Tea

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Elaine Ingham composting method, Living Soil Lab, Sustainable Living Department, Maharishi University of Management. Shot and produced by Bill Dyer for his joint degree in Sustainable Living and Media and Communications. Elaine is a visiting faculty in the program.

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Alex Johnson says:

Nice video and tutorial!

Molly Haviland says:

I don't know who put in this music. I did not authorize this.

Hatice Durak says:

Çok yararlandık bu dersten.. Teşekkürler…

Michael Barter says:

I'm building my third greenhouse and my next 85' x 18 garden, compost is nextI've acquired 2 6 foot commercial clothes dryer perforated baskets, building huge composters..sounds good, we will see

Michael Barter says:

I love you..your my compost queen

Tom Meacham says:

great video

lヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ says:

I would love to examine your piles O__O

skyym3 says:

Awesome video. Thank you for putting this information out there for us to learn from. Very impressive, how you know so much about the soil and the plants and how they work together to survive. God Bless

Ralph Marshall says:

Nicely done… Learned a lot. Music was too loud and too goofy… Whatever you had at the 5 gallon massaging your compost bag was my least favorite. Jangly and weird… And the hillbilly banjo towards the end… Ugh…
BUT…. I truly did enjoy the video itself. Keep up the good work.

FrnnkEducation says:

is this the dr elaine ingham who saved the world?

J Merritt says:

them red boots are sexy

Captain Ron says:

Are there any field trials available to show that this works for home gardeners with reasonably healthy soils?


THANK YOU Elaine :)

otistarda76 says:

Thank you for sharing! It feels good to see women in this profession! :-)

Sharon Whittington says:

I particularly like the way you prewatwered your piles BEFORE layering. Great tip.

Sharon Whittington says:

Thanks! This is right on track for my current soil education through MU.

Soil_biota.guru permaWarrior says:

need me a farm girl… thats for sure

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