enjoy the video :p, there is no commentary in this one simply because i didnt feel putting one on it, and at that time when i recorded this , i didnt have any topic in my mind .

Also, if anyone need a gaming gameplay of the worms battleground , just use this one , it’s free but please credit me in your videos :p

I want to point that i recorded this 18/06/2016, but didnt have the chance to upload it before today xD

see u in the next one :p


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Watch as Bryan, Leo, Joesph And Ed duke it out in one of the funniest games ever; Worms! This game makes and breaks friendships lol. Will there be laughter? Will there be betrayal?! Will they act like idiots?! Does this game have any physics? Find out in this most hysterical Let’s Play of Worms! I hope you enjoy!

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