All Puzzle Campaigns:

#Campaign 3
Red Team (krdrt5367)
Time 20 sec.

#Campaign 6
Red Team (krdrt5367)
Time 23 sec.

#Campaign 11
Red Team (krdrt5367)
Time 33 sec.

#Campaign 8
Red Team (krdrt5367), Blue Team (Ye Olde Skool)
Time 28 sec.

#Campaign 12
Blue Team (Ye Olde Skool), Red Team (krdrt5367)
Time 45 sec.

#Campaign 15
Red Team (krdrt5367)
Time 31 sec.

#Campaign 18
Red Team (krdrt5367), Blue Team (The League)
Time 28 sec.

#Campaign 21
Red Team (krdrt5367), Blue Team (Work Force)
Time 54 sec.

#Campaign 24
Red Team (krdrt5367)
Time 40 sec.

#Campaign 27
Red Team (krdrt5367), Blue Team (Full Fat)
Time 1 min. 1 sec.

#Campaign 30
Blue Team (Full Fat), Blue Team (Full Fat), Red Team (krdrt5367)
Time 2 min. 40 sec.

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Just a few steps from the Can of Worms Fishing Supply Store in Faith’s Region, you can find another whiskey cask for the Whiskey River Side Mission.

For those who are doing the Whiskey River Side Mission, the collection of Whiskey Casks, I will show you where one is in Faith’s Region. It is located west of the Can of Worms Fishing Store.

Gears of War: Judgment is a military science fiction third-person shooter video game, developed by People Can Fly and Epic Games and published by Microsoft Studios for the Xbox 360 in North America on 19 March 2013, with subsequent regions following later that month.[3] It is the fourth entry of the Gears of War series.
Developer(s) People Can Fly
Epic Games
Publisher(s) Microsoft Studios
Producer(s) Piotr Krzywonosiuk
Alan Van Slyke
Chris Wynn
Programmer(s) Grzegorz Mocarski
Artist(s) Waylon Brinck
Wyeth Johnson
Writer(s) Rob Auten
Tom Bissell
Composer(s) Steve Jablonsky
Jacob Shea
Series Gears of War
Engine Unreal Engine 3
Platform(s) Xbox 360
NA: March 19, 2013[2]
AU: March 19, 2013[1]
EU: March 22, 2013[1]
Genre(s) Third-person shooter[1]
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer

This New Dewalt saw is a real torque monster! He 60V power will make short work of just about any cutting task

A peek at the first two story mode missions in Worms: A Space Oddity.

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