Worm Farming

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Outtakes from Worms 4 mayhem.

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A farmer from Kentucky, USA created a clever way to round up his cattle last week (October 29).

Cows are notorious for being hard to manage, especially when in a large herd, but this farmer used their own animal instincts against them.

By pulling a feeding trough with one of his vehicles, John Dickson, the farmer, duped the dozens of hungry cows into going where he wanted them to, rather than him approaching them, which can prove difficult.

Dickson said: “I was getting cattle rounded up and it is a lot easier if the cattle decide that they want to follow you then trying to push them, especially young ones such as these.”

Pour ce puzzle, je vous conseille d’utiliser le retour de boomerang avec la touche X pour choper les caisses.