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Watch this best game play yet most funny game play of Commander Kreiger’s Worms 2. Download this worms 2 funny game n i bet you gonna love it.

Really can’t get more simple that this barrel farm.. I call it a dump & walk barrel as that is how I feed it.. A catcher or 2 or lawn clippings get dumped into the barrels & I walk away, its as easy as that.. The prunings & old plants from the veggie bed in the patch go in whole if they are small enough or get the once over with the lawnmower to chop them up a bit if they are to large.. A great type of farm to have under a fruit tree as any nutrients that leach out will feed the tree..

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9:40 Duke Fishron AFK Farm in action
27:35 Six Hardmode Boss AFK Farm in action
35:50 Truffle Worm Farm in action
49:17 Six Hardmode Boss Challenge (no traps or minions)

Ultimate World Download:

Plantera + Fishron Autofarms:

Written Guide with Schematics:

Decided it was time to harvest Ā½ of the worm castings from the bathtub farm on the weekend.. As always, I was surprised at how well they break the manure down into castings that the garden will love.. Planing on using some to make up worm cast tea in the coming weeks as well..
The link for the “How to build a bathtub worm farm” clip can be found below for anyone who is interested..

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This is about terraria based around 1.2.4 Update. I will go through as much items as I can to help you guys. You can comment down below as always what you want me to craft/get for my next episode.As always remember to like and subscribe for more videos on how to … do stuff. Hope you guys enjoyed this episode and hope to see you in the next one šŸ˜‰ Works on android and ios

Worm your way to fun with Worm Farm Hoedown Underground.
Make your own ‘mazing’ sanctuary for worms!

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All you need to know about worm farming and natural composting
can be found at this site. The needed equipment and how to use it
to become a successful worm farmer is at your fingertips.

How I operate my small worm farm in Texas during the winter months. @BigTex Worms

Our chickens have been producing between 15 and 20 eggs per day. We don’t use any lights in the chicken coop. We attribute this feat to the extra raw protein we are feeding them from our meal worm farm. The meal worms are doing great and producing like crazy!

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Here in Wisconsin I am worm farming in my basement. I am using an easy & cheap method of harvesting worms for another worm farm. I have a lot of RED WIGGLERS, eggs and cocoons plenty to start another tote. This way there is no need for me to be picking worms, they will just migrate up to where the food is. Thanks to a lot of you, I have finally found a cheap and easy method for ME to get these wonderfully rich WORM CASTINGS. My worm farm is never too wet or smelly. What is really great is that I can now do worm farming all year long, even in the FROZEN TUNDRA OF WISCONSIN. Think Spring my friends. You southern gardeners are inspiring us northerners. The older I get the more I need our Wisconsin Winters to rest & dream. My body is almost ready for Spring. Please come and join my website forum