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How to keep chickens. Chicken house design with composting chickens. Learn how to keep happy healthy hens and chickens in your backyard. This video presents, in detail, the idea of deep bedding under chickens. The hens turn the compost and produce amazing fertility and even better eggs. We have been using this system at Atitlan Organics for many years and always have happy healthy hens and ridiculously amazing huevos!

I wanted to show you how I compost my chicken and rabbit manure on my small homestead.

We all know that composting is essential in the garden, but compost piles can soon overflow at this time of year when you’re cutting back perennials and pulling up spent vegetables. If you’re wondering what to do with all that extra organic matter, it’s worth considering in-situ composting.

In-situ composting, or composting directly where you’re going to grow, is simple and it’s a great way to deal with a glut of compostable material. Worms and microbes in the soil will do a fantastic job of turning all that organic matter into crumbly, nutrient-rich compost, right where you want to use it.

In this short video we demonstrate three easy ways to compost directly on and in your garden beds to help you improve your soil and prepare the soil for bumper crops next year!

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We polled our friends, family and all our subscribers to get the biggest, most common and the dirtiest questions about the composting toilet. Granted they’re not all dirty, but it’s just fun to say! Here Nikki and I sit down with a cup o joe and hash out the details of our lives with the composting toilet inside our RV.

Most of these questions about the toilet all transfer for use in a Tiny House, Sailboat, Trailer, Off-Grid Cabin and power boats.

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There are many benefits of composting and using it in your organic garden. Compost is organic matter that has been broken down my microorganisms. We add compost to our soil to quickly increase the number and diversity of these microbes and small animals, organic matter content, and nutrients in our soil.