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Chicken Farming – City Style | Worm Harvesting

Build of a flow through vermacomposter (worm Farm).
This is a very large vermacomposting system where the bottom has a grate and bar that pushes the compost out the bottom of the unit allowing for just additional compost material to be added to the top.

Setting up a new worm bin, using aged grass, cardboard and newspaper, in a 5 gallon (20 litre) bucket.

Dolomite and zeolite is added as PH buffers (neutralises acidity as it forms) – and for grit. If you didn’t use these put a handful of sandy gritty soil in, the worms need grit to digest their food. (You can ignore the zeolite, I have an addiction to using it lol)

All materials are pre moistened, I add castings to the water I am soaking it in to increase the microbes etc in the bedding more quickly.

If you don’t have castings you can use some rich garden soil or finished/semi finished compost from your compost bin/heap. The idea is to put in things that are “alive” as much as possible.

This is a video on how to build and set up a home made worm farm. If you have any ideas on how to improve this design; leave them in the comment section below. Enjoy :)

Camera: Gopro Hero3 Black Edition
Video Settings 1080p @ 60fps

Ben Bell, the inventor and designer of hungry bin, a continuous flow worm farm, explains just how it works. Clean, simple and easy, hungry bin is a fast and efficient way to make high quality fertiliser from food and garden waste. Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, hungry bin is changing the way people think about their organic waste and what to do with it.

Silk worm farming in karnataka

Silk Worm Farming in Cambodia | Education Show TV9 Cambodia News Today

Worm farming, the best implementation for organic, wildcrafted sustainable gardening and farming

How to build a worm farm. Learn to grow worms for fun and profit. Here’s how to get started worm farming for really cheap

Unco Industries, Inc. has been in business for over 40 plus years. The market for PURE organic earthworm castings is ever so demanding. If you are interested in being your own boss and raising worms there is no time like the present. The demand for pure earthworm castings and nightcrawlers is growing very quickly.

Starting your own worm farm can be done as a part-time or full-time business. It also can be done in a small space like a basement, garage or as large as a commercial building. Whether you start small and grow to a commercial worm farm size is totally up to you. Please visit our website or call toll free for more information or 1-800-728-2415.