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Supercharge your compost pile’s bacteria with a “Drunken Composting ” mixture using beer, cola, & ammonia in a 20 gallon hose end sprayer! It turns grass clippings & leaves into useable garden soil in 10-14 days. Your garden vegetables will thrive in this! Use it as a mulch later in the hot growing season AND add it to your garden beds each year! It also makes great compost tea and will feed your plants just what they need.

Note: If you’re composting hot or high nitrogen items like chicken manure, it will still take a bit longer to render it useable due to the high nitrogen content, but will certainly help break it down too (you could skip the ammonia in THAT case). Thank you for watching!

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Facts on Worm Farming: Organic Fertilizers Out of a Worm Farm
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This was a super fun episode to film and I think just proves how weird I really am. Worms are doing well. Have worked their way through 3 trays since I filmed this and providing tons of great food for my tomato plants.

Special thanks to Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm where I ordered my little guys. They shipped promptly and safety and hopefully he will send me some more worms since I plugged him ;-).

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Time for a very long overdue update on the bathtub worm farm.. Have been a tad slack harvesting the castings & also had a few invaders into the farm so decided to overhaul the whole tub..

How to build a bathtub worm farm from recycled materials…

How we feed our compost worms, worm slushies anyone ?

Slow compost pile & compost worm farm, 2 for the price of 1..

Harvesting worm castings from the Bathtub Worm farm..

Compost worms / Vermiculture playlist..

Have also included a link to Praxxus55712’s YouTube clip on his worm composting set up in his Voodoo garden..

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The Screener, for Screening Castings

If you are serious about starting a worm farm for profit, you need to read this. Just Click Here.

The critical information you need to start your own worm farm. We also answer the question, “What do worms eat?”.
Quick tips on how to start and make your own worm bins. We visit Kacinia Farm outside Savannah Georgia to see how to start earth worm farming inexpensively.

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Live in an urban environment? Can’t have a compost pile? Let the power of the sun, and the efficiency of a trash can help you make great organic compost for your garden without the fuss!
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