Most Viewed Videos Ramona is interviewing a Worm Farmer, Jerry Schiller. He’s explaining how to build the beds for worm farming, the best type of worm to use, and 5 Important Things to know about Raising Worms.

How to keep chickens. Chicken house design with composting chickens. Learn how to keep happy healthy hens and chickens in your backyard. This video presents, in detail, the idea of deep bedding under chickens. The hens turn the compost and produce amazing fertility and even better eggs. We have been using this system at Atitlan Organics for many years and always have happy healthy hens and ridiculously amazing huevos!

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We catch up with G on this mail time Monday. I do apologize for any editing/spelling errors. I was up until 430 am editing and uploading this video. Daily means daily regardless of what happens! We ended up getting back to Seward late and G’s car is not starting so I had to mess with that. I tell you what, there is ALWAYS something that needs to be fixed, you just have to keep a positive attitude about it. At least the car started so we could get it back to Seward and it didnt break down in Anchorage…see, there is the silver lining. Ok, I am heading to bed and I hope everyone has a great day out there!

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Build of a flow through vermacomposter (worm Farm).
This is a very large vermacomposting system where the bottom has a grate and bar that pushes the compost out the bottom of the unit allowing for just additional compost material to be added to the top.

How to make compost
Garden Organic’s Video Guide Part 1 includes:
– Where to put your compost bin
– What can and can’t be composted
– Filling the bin
– Compost activators
– Getting the mixture right
– Hot and cool composting

How to compost How to make compost

How does your garden grow? A lot better if the soil is enriched with compost from your own compost pile. Scott Meyer, editor of Organic Gardening magazine, shows how to make and use compost.

Decided it was time to harvest ½ of the worm castings from the bathtub farm on the weekend.. As always, I was surprised at how well they break the manure down into castings that the garden will love.. Planing on using some to make up worm cast tea in the coming weeks as well..
The link for the “How to build a bathtub worm farm” clip can be found below for anyone who is interested..

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I wanted to show you how I compost my chicken and rabbit manure on my small homestead.

Elaine Ingham composting method, Living Soil Lab, Sustainable Living Department, Maharishi University of Management. Shot and produced by Bill Dyer for his joint degree in Sustainable Living and Media and Communications. Elaine is a visiting faculty in the program.