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Real Chicken Coop Design\r
How to produce amazing compost right inside your chicken house while letting the chickens do all the work. This chicken house design offers real-time composting, which also eliminates bad odours and cleaning chores. Learn how to keep happy healthy hens and chickens in your backyard. This video presents, in full detail, how to build and maintain deep bedding under chickens. The hens turn the compost and produce amazing fertility and even better eggs. We have been using this system at Atitlan Organics for many years and always have happy healthy hens and ridiculously amazing huevos!\r
Click here is a transcript of the Video:\r
Greetings. Im Shad and Im coming at you from Atitlan Organics here in Tzununa, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.\r
Today were going to be talking about alternative ways to keep happy healthy chickens no matter where you live in the world. \r
Before we get into that I want to start by looking at ecosystems.\r
Im gonna paint you a picture. Imagine theres a raccoon walking along in a forest and all of a sudden, BOOM, it drops over and dies.\r
What happens?\r
Within a matter of minutes, things start to come and use the resources that are from that raccoon body. \r
So maybe some birds come and get some of the fur. Some scavengers eat some of meat and within a couple of days all of the raccoon body has been worked back into the forest.\r
This is an example of a healthy ecosystem and of an Active Decay Cycle!\r
But lets look at an alternative. What happens if that same raccoon is walking in a walmart parking lot and falls over and dies? Then what happens?\r
The next day maybe some flies come and lay some eggs. Maybe a couple of seagulls or pigeons or some weird birds come. \r
It starts to smell really bad. It could potentially get people sick. Eventually someone has to come and expend human enegy and effort to clean it up because that resource has become a waste.\r
And thats the big difference. An Active Decay Cycles has no waste. All potential waste gets worked back into the system.\r
But what does this have to do with chickens? \r
Well lets consider out typical backyard chicken setup.\r
Everyone recommends that first you build a chicken coup and then you give them a range, maybe sectioned off by fence. Or maybe they dont have any fence and theyre just allowed to go wherever they want. \r
But what happens over time? \r
On the first day the chickens go out and they eat all their favourite plants and all of their favourite bugs. They go back in. The next day they go and eat their next favourite plants and bugs. \r
As soon as their favourite plants start to grow again the chickens immediately come and eat them back down. \r
And over time the chickens change the composition of plant species that are growing on their range. Now the range is no longer providing the nutritional benefits for the chickens.\r
Furthermore, their manure and constant scratching \r
burns the organic matter and creates bare patches and hard ground in the range. It starts to look less like a forest and more like a walmart parking lot. \r
Which leads to unhealthy or sick land, which eventually leads to sick chickens. \r
So if free range is not an acceptable solution, then what are our alternatives?\r
As long as you have enough space to build a small chicken coup, you can keep happy healthy hens.\r
How do we do this?\r
We will build the ive decay cycle directly underneath the chickens.\r
So lets go check this system out!\r
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if you guys have any questions please let me know. this is how we have done it but i know there are a couple other videos on youtube you can watch about this too! Article: Garden Composting – The Art of Composting
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Mar 23, 2010 Organic Gardening-Part 2. Chris Lewis talked about different composting bins and the uses for compost in a garden. You can grow much more, and healthier when you use compost in gardening.

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Download Worms Eat My Garbage: How to Set Up and Maintain a Worm Composting System Free Books

Learn what is composting and how to make compost the easy way with our guide. Turn vegetable and fruit scraps into compost. Also called Black Gold, compost is an excellent soil conditioner, amendment and fertilizer.\r
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John from answers your organic gardening questions. Help John to close caption his videos and get your questions .

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Earlier this year we decided to dive into composting 101 and get started with our very first compost pile. Despite the concept being incredibly simple, there is so much information out there on how to start a compost pile that it was still overwhelming. So, we decided to not think to deeply about it and just get started! Thats what we want to show you in this video – just how easy it is to start a compost pile and make compost. Once you have the basics down, there are likely ways you can improve on your methods, but getting started is a piece of cake! We hope you get some helpful tips in this video!\r
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