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Tricia shares with you how to start your very own compost pile or compost bin. Get more info plus organic gardening supplies at Peaceful Valley,

Extra composting facts in our blog posts “Composting tips — how to balance your compost bin” and “What’s going on in your compost pile?”

Elaine Ingham composting method, Living Soil Lab, Sustainable Living Department, Maharishi University of Management. Shot and produced by Bill Dyer for his joint degree in Sustainable Living and Media and Communications. Elaine is a visiting faculty in the program.

I wanted to show you how I compost my chicken and rabbit manure on my small homestead.

Simple & Easy composting with fall leaves for building soil. Adding this compost will be the best thing you will ever do for your organic garden soil. Leaf mold will add water holding capability to your garden. Start a compost pile today. Composting 101.

This start to finish tutorial on composting will walk through the basic
rules of composting. Composting is SO easy! I will hopefully show you
just how easy it is to get super high quality organic compost in just a
few months. It will address the carbon to nitrogen ratio, how long
composting takes, things to compost, how hot does a hot compost get,
when to flip a compost pile, how often to flip it, and when to know the
compost pile is done cooking and is ready to be used on the garden! We
also discuss the difference between hot composting and cold composting.

.99 Heirloom Vegetable Seeds:
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University of Maine Cooperative Extension educator Marjorie Peronto discusses the benefits and best methods of worm composting. – While traveling in the North West I met Peter Paul who showed me the most amazing, and amazingly simple, idea for an outdoor composting-bin. Using the help of worms to break down food matter, and even meats, Peter shows you a couple of simple methods to making great homemade compost.

Not only that, this method creates a vibrant composting tea that gave Peter 7 ft. tall tomato plants! He also sometimes trades his “worm juice” for different items, even an iPhone (LOL).

Here’s the process of harvesting worms from start to finish at our worm farm in Vermont. Worms are available to order online at

Making a three bin compost system with free materials. Making your own compost -It’s easy. Composting happens!

Any successful homesteader will tell you, if your dont have a compost bin, your not looking at true self sustainability. Part of being self reliant is creating a homestead that a produces your own food, recycles waste and uses as much as possible so that the whole continuum continues! The best thing about doing a compost bin is YOU CAN do it anywhere..on gird off grid in the the suburbs! You can do a small one…a big one! JUST do it! Today I will walk all you newbies step by step thru basic composting so you can START today!!